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 Be My Prince Charming?

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PostSubject: Be My Prince Charming?   Sun 14 Feb 2010, 3:04 am

CHAPTER ONE: Twenty-three Times

This story has the Hey!Say!Jump members, but mostly Yuto. This story will not consist of Mary Sues, and in dept OC's.These new charactors I put into this story is for you fangirls, to put yourself into their shoes. So you can squeal all you want without feeling jealous xD These charactors will have no names so you can picture your name there as well. But some will, like those unimportant charactors. okay, start story!

"I'm sorry, I'm just don't have feelings for you in that kind of way"

"Oh....That's okay... I'll be going now, bye"

I walked away from him, wiping my tears away as I went. Twenty-three times. That's how many times I've been rejected by a guy. Twenty-four times. That's how many times I gathered the courage to ask a guy out. I sobbed silently as I walked down the street. Why do I always fall in love with guys like this? Why bother fall in love anyways? I asked my self. I'll always end up being hurt in the end.

I reached my destination. My favourite ice cream shop.Always my destination after a rejection. As I walked into the doors, the workers greeted me and were already asking me how bad was I rejected.

"Just because I come here doesn't mean I got shot down by a guy" I retorted," and he let me down nicely, for your information."

One of the workers, named Sandy(also my best friend) replied,"At least he wasn't like Charlie...." placing an ice cream sundae infront of me

"Augh, please don't remind me about that guy" as I stuffed my face with ice cream."If I see him again, I'm gonna sack him real good"

Charlie is my ex boyfriend. The only guy that didn't turn me down. But after a few months, I found him cheating on me with 6 other girls. I dumped him in a fury. Angry as hell, but it seems that he spread some rumours about me. That's exactly why I've been rejected by every single boy in my class

I jammed the rest of the ice cream into my mouth and gave a muffled good bye as I left the ice cream shop.

While swallowing the crapload if ice cream, I took a train to Shibuya to get some supplies I needed for a project. As I passed by the big screen tv on 109 building, I saw a commercial so I stood to watch.

The commercial was for some sort of drink I've never heard of called Poripaki,but as I saw the model for the commercial, I swear my heart stopped.

He was handsome. Not just handsome, but beautiful at the same time. He had this really adorable impish grin and when he spoke, it was like a prince. He had a hoarse voice, but I still loved it. As he took a sip of the drink, I stared and tried to keep myself from squealing with exitement. Under his picture, I saw his name, Nakajima Yuto. I loved the name already. The last thing he said was "Try it, I'll be your Prince Charming." and the screen went black.

The first thing I did was to run to the convience store to buy the drink. I love Poripaki already.... I took a tentative sip ot the drink. It tasted really good.

I took out my cellphone and called up Sally. "Sally? You've got to try this new drink called Poripaki. Oh, and I'm over the rejection."

"You bounce back fast"

"No, seriously, I've got a new crush! Nakajima Yuto!!!"

"Him? Oh boy.... You're not supposed to date JE boys..."

"He's a Johnny's boy?"

"Yeah, I'd rather you don't mess with those guys..."

"I don't care, I'm going for him anyways"

"That's what you said for all the guys I talked to you about...." I didn't hear that last comment, I already hung up on her.

I decided. I'm going to make Nakajima Yuto my Price Charming....


"Chinen, let's go get some ice cream after school..." whined the slightly bored Nakjima Yuto.

"S-sorry, Yuto-kun, I've got to go somewhere" stammered Chinen Yuri.

" look like you're hiding something..." sneered Yamada Ryosuke "You've got plans for something? Or should I rather say, someone???"

"Sh-shut up, Yama-chan...I-I'm just going shopping with my friend"

"Girlfriend?" asked Arioka Daiki

"N-n-no....I....."Chinen looks at his friends with a defeated look and finnaly stammers out "Y-yeah...."

All his friends burst our laughing.

"I knew it!" giggled Yamada " You were always avoiding us after school and ran off when we asked you to go somewhere!"

"So..." Yuto slided closer to Chinen, "What's her name?"

"You guys..."Chinen sighed,"can we not talk about this anymore?"

"Remember to be carefull" Daiki said, concerned, "You know you can't have a girlfriend, right?"

"I will, I will..."

"You HAVE to introduce us sometime"


"....Please,,,?" Yuto pouted.





Hoped you liked it! Very Happy
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PostSubject: CHAPTER TWO: Raw Horse flavoured Ice cream?   Sun 14 Feb 2010, 3:06 am

WARNING!: The starred words will be explained at the end of the story! Wink
I hope you all enjoy! Start story!

It's been a week since I saw that commercial. I've been telling Sally everything, everytime I see another commercial, CD , or magazine cover. And...them... I've been seeing them. They're everywhere. Who? You ask? It's him. My Prince Charming to be.

" once the liquid solidifies, it becomes a solid therefore...."

I wasn't paying attention. There he is again.... This time he's sitting in the seat right infront of me. My eyes drilled to the back of his head.... and his's so shiney and-

"Hey, answer me....Helloooo~~~?"


Everyone in my classroom laughs. The teacher looks at me expectingly.

"Were you listening?"


"Detention. After class"

"But.... I have work..."

"No excuses. You weren't listening in class, so you must suffer the concequences."

I slumped back into my seat. Stupid Nakajima... hes gets me in detention now.... How am I going to get to work ontime now? I nudge Sally.

"Sally! What should I do? I'll be late for work!"

" I don't know. It was your fault for not listening."

"Oh! I know! Right when class ends, I'm rushing out of here, before the teacher can say anything"

"Stupid.... You shouldn't do that..."

"I don't care. I'm doing it anyways"

"You always say that..."

~Ding dong~

I was aware of the sound of the bell. I packed all my stuff into my bag quickly.

"Stand. Bow"

After I bowed, I grabbed Sally's wrist, and ran out of the classroom as quickly as I could. I heard the teacher's voice calling out my name and I ran faster, dragging Sally behind me. When we were halfway to the ice cream shop, I stopped running. I turned to look at Sally, looking for her reaction. She hit me lightly on the head.


"Stupid." She ruffled my hair " that's the bravest thing you've done all week"

I smiled sheepishly. That's when I saw another one. He's there...again... This time, he's sitting in a ramen shop... I want to go over to him.. I want-

"You there? Jeez! Did you see another "Prince Charming"?"

"YES, I wanna go over there!!!" I point towards him.

"That guy? He doesn't look a bit like him... Let's just go to work..."

Sally grabbs my arm and marches me forward. I try to resist, but finally, I give in and let her drag me the rest of the way to the ice cream shop. I was welcomed to the sweet smell of ice cream as I walked in. I always loved that smell. Sally dragged me to the washrooms to change into our uniforms.


" Yama-chan... I want ice cream..........." Yuto whined once again.

" You already said that last week" answered Yamada

"But Chi had to go out with his girlfriend and you didn't want to take me....." Yuto gave his best pout " please? My treat"

" Okay, fine.... I'm gonna order something big"

" Hey!"

" You said it was your treat"


" Why are there so little customers today?" I was growing impatient," If no one comes, I'm going to eat all the ice cream myself"

" The're for the customers..." Sally replied.


I grabbed a chair and sat down. I was getting bored. I was contemplating on skipping work for a few minutes to get some Poripaki... I looked out the window. Only to see another one... there we go again... hey! What is Yamada Ryosuke doing in my hallucination? That's odd.

"Sally.... Is that scene I see real? Or am I seeing things again?"

Sally looks out the window," I'm probably gonna go deaf, but.... no you're not seeing things" then she covers her ears. That was a wise idea, considering the loud scream I emitted.

"ohmigod it really is him! What should I do?" I begin to hyperventalate.

"Jeez, calm down.... just breathe...okay?"

As I calmed down alittle, the door of the icecream shop opened and they stepped in. My eyes locked only on Yuto. He was smiling....oh, that irresistable impish smile. The way his hair lighty swished as he walked.... giving it such a nice shine.... and his eyes-


I took several long breaths. "Sally, you HAVE to let me serve them! I know I have to cashier this shift, but I'll do ANYTHING to serve him!"

Sally sighed." I guess there's no stopping you... But be careful okay? I don't want you to be rejected as bad as some of the other guys"

"Who said I was gonna get rejected?" I puffed.

"Whatever. Just go before you they leave"

I quickly made my way to their table. Grabbing two menus with me.

"H-here you are, ouji-san*.....AH! I mean... Nakajima-kun.... I mean!... sir...." I blushed madly. I couldn't believe that I said that outloud to his face.

He laughed in reply. His laugh sounded like the ocean. So joyfull yet calm...

" Well, I guess you're like princess as well as I am a prince, ne, Hidenka-chan*?"

" Ahh.....well....." I bowed and quickly slipped away. Smiling like mad.

"Sally! ohmigod, did you hear what he said?"


Yuto smiled quitely to himself. The waitress was cute. He thought. Wait a minute. I shouldn't be thinking about this stuff.. Maybe just because Chi has a girlfriend. Or maybe-

"Yuto! Are you listening to me?"

"Huh? Oh sorry! I was daydreaming"

"About the cute waitress who called you a prince?" Yamada snickered.

"N-no! I mean.... I was just thinking.....about... the flavours of ice cream! yeah!"

"Riiiiight...I wan't strawberry ice cream. What do you want?"

Yuto picked up the menu "Hmmmm.... There's so many different flavours.... If I could choose my own flavour.... It would be Raw horse meat flavoured!"


"You know what? Nevermind... I'll just get whatever you're getting"

"Fine with me... I'll just call the waitress...."

"Ah..... actually... Let's just talk for a while......"

" You just don't want to talk to that waitress... hmmm was the name you gave her Hidenka-chan?"

"Sh-shut up! I just called her a Princess cause she called me a Prince!" Yuto blushed madly.

"Fine fine..." Yamada laughed."I'm gonna call the waitress whether you like it or not cause I want some ice cream."


" Hidenka-chaaaaaaan!"

I was called by the other Prince-but-not-as-Princey-enough, Yamada Ryosuke. I hurried over and said breathlessly " I-I'm not a Princess!"

"But didn't you call Yuto here, Ouji-san?" Yamada smiled

"But....that's just...." I fell silent... I forgot what to say as I stared into Yuto's eyes.... I couldn't take my eyes off them....They were a beautiful dark brown and glistened slightly as he blinked. They-

"Hidenka-chan? You listening?"

" D-don't call me that!"

"But don't you look like a princess in that outfit? Don't you think so, Yuto?"

Yuto didn't reply.

"Hahaha! See? He thinks so too! Can't you see how he's looking at you?" Yamada giggled.

I blushed. He was right... Yuto was staring at my face... is there something on it?

I stammered," I-I-Is there s-something on my f-face?"

" No....It's just that... You have a really cute face" Yuto replied.

"I..........ummm............. Wh-what are you're orders today?"

" Two strawberry ice creams please" replied Yamada.

"Right" I wrote down the orders and ran to Sally as fast as I could.

"Sally! Were you listening to what he said?" I squealed." You wouldn't BELIEVE what happened!


That's it! I hope you enjoyed it!

Word Translation: Ouji: Prince

Hidenka: Princess
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PostSubject: Re: Be My Prince Charming?   Sun 14 Feb 2010, 9:38 am

wohh! Very Happy
i love this! Very Happy good job!
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PostSubject: Re: Be My Prince Charming?   Mon 15 Feb 2010, 4:57 pm

@causeiloveyouso: hahaha thank you~~

CHAPTER 3: Fasion Idiots

"Hidenka-chan, we're ready to order!"

Augh...Curse that beautiful and charming hoarse voice.

"How many times do I have to tell you? Stop calling me that!"

"But it's your nickname." Yuto replied, smiling his trademark impish smile,"It suits you anyways"

I felt my cheeks burn "J-just tell me your order"

"Ice cream sundae." Yuto smilied," with a side order of blushing"

Once again, my cheecks flushed. Yuto laughed and ruffled my hair, only to make mt blush deepen.

"Looks like I got half of my order already" He giggled," You're so cute"

"I-I'll j-just go got your sundae...." I scurried away. He's been like this for a few weeks already. He comes to the shop everyday afterschool. Sometimes, he wouldn't even order anything. He'd just come to chat with me. It's a wonder how he's still so skinny after all that ice cream almost everyday. I thought as I gave the order to Sally.

" Sally....Do you think Nakajima-kun likes me? He's been here everyday....Sometimes, he doesn't even buy any ice cream!"

"Hmmm....It depends," Sally replied while scooping the ice cream," Were there always a certain person in the shop other than him? Maybe he's looking for them."

"It can't be." I say," He only talks to me here"

"He could be waiting for someone here"

"Oh come on, he stays for at least three hours, and he leaves at varied times."

"Well then, there's a big probablity that he does like you, But don't get your hopes up"

"Okay" I huffed," I'm gonna go ask him then"

"Stupid, don't do that"

"I don't care. I'm doing it anyways"

"Don't you always say that?"

"Whatever" I say. I grab the sundae and march up to Yuto. He greeted my with a sweet smile and I almost ran back to Sally. I took a deep breath as I set down the sundae. I opened my mouth to speak and-



"May I.....a-ask you something?" He stammered, his face began to redden. Even blushing, his face looked so much like a prince....," I was wondering....If you could.......I don't know.......Go out with me sometime?"

My breathing stopped. I didn't reply. My face turned as red as a tomato. I didn't know what to say.

"S-s-sure...." I stammered, barely getting the words out of my mouth.

"G-great... I'll give you my e-mail"

I rummage out my phone, nearly dropping it in the process.

As he sent his number an e-mail, he asked "Are you okay? Your hands are shaking...."

"I-I"m okay...." I didn't know what to say next. I wasn't sure what he was thinking as well.

"You like amusement parks right?" Yuto asked.

" Yeah, they're so much fun."

" Then lets go there," Yuto smiles.



"EEEEEEH!? Your going on a date? No way!" Yamada exclaimed.

"Shhh! Keep it down! People might hear!" Yuto whispered.

" I can actually see how you got a date so fast, Mr. I-have-to-go-eat-icecream-afterschool-for-three-weeks" Yamada whispered back with a smile," How'd you ask her out? Did you kiss her?"

" No! I just asked her out normally. You're just jealous because you don't have someone to ask!"

"What if I do have someone to ask?" Yamada huffed.

" Really. You'd tell me first thing, Yama-chan. I know you too well for that excuse"

"You know me waaaay too well." Yamada sighed.

"Well, anyways, I'm going."

".....In that?"

Yuto looks down at his clothing. Jeans and a sweatshirt."What's wrong with this? I think it looks pretty good"

" Stupid! Are you even thinking? You are going to an amusement park full of millions of people. How many of them could be fans of Hey!Say!Jump? You'll be slaughtered!"

"Right! I completely forgot! Thanks for reminding me! How about I wear those huge trenchcoats and really big sunglasses to hide my face? That might work!"

"Yeah....It'll work if you want to dress like a hitman.... You're gonna be on a date. You should have SOME consideration for the person your dating"

" Then how do I diguise myself properly?"

" A simple wig maybe?"

" Where can I get one?"

" I thought I saw a reletavely good one in the dressing rooms earlier."

"Wait. Let me call Hidenka-chan that I'm gonna be a bit late."


" Okay, Sally, I'm gonna go" I say, turning to leave.

"......In that? I don't think so"

" Jeans and t-shirt is fine if you're going to an amusement park"

"Only if you go alone! Not on a date, stupid. Did you do your laundry yet? I'm sure that shirt that you wore last week was good enough."

"Yeah... I'm gonna be late... I should call him."

Speak of the devil, my phone started to vibrate. I glanced at the caller ID, Nakajima Yuto.


" Just pick up the phone, idiot."

I opened my phone and pressed the reciever to my ear, anxious to hear his voice.

"Hello? Hidenka-chan?"


"I'll be a bit late. For maybe ten minutes or something"

"Oh! What a coincidence! I'm going to be late too!" I laughed,"I was just gonna call you"

Yuto laughed as well. Even over the phone, his voice sounded to nice....

"Then I'll call you when I get there, okay?"

"Okay, bye"

I hung up. I sat there smiling. We were thinking the same thing.....

"Hellloo? You listening?"


" I found the shirt, now for your pants, I think a skirt looks better......


I hope you all like this! >w<
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PostSubject: Re: Be My Prince Charming?   Mon 15 Feb 2010, 4:58 pm

CHAPTER 4: Wig, Hat, and Sunglasses

I wait infront of the ice cream shop with a bottle of Poripaki in my hands. I take another sip. Mmmm.....strawberry flavoured.

"Hidenka-chan!" I'm sorry for making you wait for so long!" I hear Yuto call. I turn to look for him. But I can't see him anywhere. Was it my hallucination? Someone taps my shoulder, I turn around and see Yuto in a wig, hat and sunglasses. The sight makes me burst out laughing.

"It's the wig isn't it? Doesn't it look strange?" Yuto scratches his head,"and it's itchy too"

"It's not just that" I laugh," your sunglasses look funny! Why are you dressed like this?"

"Because there could be fans at the amusement park." He answers," If I'm seen with you, fans will get jealous and I'll get in trouble with Johnny-san."

"I see..." I say," but if it's so much of a hassle just to hang out with me, you shouldn't come with me"

"It's not much of a hassle" Yuto smiles, " I like going to the amusement park. Even if it means going in a wig, hat and sunglasses"

I laugh again."Let's not just stand here talking, let's go to the amusement park!"


We arrive to see the amusement park booming with rides and stands of food open.

"Have you eaten yet? I'm really hungry" I say as I pull Yuto towards the food stands,"but then again, I'm always hungry"

Yuto laughs,"Want me to buy you a snack?"

"No thanks" I shake my head,"I have my own money. I'll have some Takoyaki*"

As we wait for the Takoyaki, I ask jokingly,"Are you the first member in Hey!Say!Jump to to out on a date?"

"Maaaybe" He giggles.

"Maybe as in yet or no?"

"Maybe as in I don't wanna tell you"

"Aw, come on. Just tell me! Are you just embarresed that maybe you're the last?"

"No! I am NOT the last!"

"Then tell me" I said as I take the Takoyaki,"are you the fith?"

"If you keep asking me, I'll never tell you"

"Then if I stop, then would you tell me?"


"Then why say that!?" I stuff a piece of Takoyaki in my mouth. I hold out a piece infront of him,"Want one?"

"Sure" He leans over and eats the Takoyaki "Ahui~" His voice muffles. He chewes the Takoyaki slowly. His eyes wateres up a bit "It's so hot, how can you eat it so quickly?" he said as he grabbs some water to down it.

I laughed," Years of practice." I look towards the rides." Lets go on the rides now! The roller coaster looks fun" I begin to pull Yuto to the roller coaster...until I see the corner of my eye.... I thought it was something else, but I'm wrong. I didn't expect him to be here. I begin straining to pull Yuto faster.

"Hidenka-chan, you're walking so fast" Yuto laughs," You want to ride the roller coaster that bad?"

"Ah...yeah! I'm just so anxious" I laugh nervously." Come on, let's go" I begin running. I'm sure he saw me. I didn't want to be seen. Not with Yuto here. I run faster. I don't wanna be hurt again I don't wanna get hurt again I don't-

I fall to the floor, sobbing. Yuto constantly asks if I'm okay. I'm not okay. I'll never be, I'll never.... He moves his arm slightly. His lips quivering, he slowly wraps his arms around me. He's so warm... His scent brings me back home and I realize that I returned his embrace. I sit there in his arms, crying. We sat there for what seemed for a long time.

As we pull away, Yuto asks me,"Why are you crying?" as he pulls me up and brings me to a nearby bench. I let fresh tears roll down my cheeks as I tell the story about Charlie. My ex boyfriend.

"He's here" I say, not being able to keep the tears from flowing," I just saw him. I don't know what to do."

Yuto looks at me with a confused look. Like he doesn't know what to do. "Um... I know! When we ever see him again, just make sure to tell me and we could try to work together to escape!"

That makes me laugh," What kind of guy are you? Men don't run away!"

"They do if they're escaping with their Princess"

My blush comes back. "Stupid hormones", I think.

"Let's just enjoy ourselves right now. Since we lost him for the moment" Yuto stands up and extends his hand towards me shyly. I hesitate, but I take his hand and we go looking for more rides. Hand in hand.


"I think I see him again!" I exclaimed. We begin running.... again...

Once we lost him, I sighed, " This is getting so out of hand. I think he's starting to chase us now... How can this be a proper date?" I pout.

Yuto laughs," At least I'm spending time with you"

My face goes red. Once again, this guy is unintentionally making me die of embarrasment. I open my mouth to speak-

"Hey! I caught up with you!" I hear this voice behind me. I don't want to turn around. I don't want to see his face. The feeling of dread overcomes me as I stand there. Mouth gaping. I mouth to Yuto, " It's him, what do I do?" Yuto looks at me with a concerned face and takes a good look at Charlie, glaring thoughout the whole time.

He brings me close and whispers into my ear,"I'll try to talk or reason with him, okay?"

I just nod. I don't know what to do. He turns me around and says," Who are you?" He asks Charlie.

Charlie gives a sneer and says," Do ya know who you're with? Hmm... Come 'ere, I'm gonna tell you alittle something 'bout the chick your with, 'ya hear?"

Yuto gives me a long look and finally goes to Charlie. I see Charlie whispering in Yuto's ear. Yuto's face changes quicly. From apathetic to rage. Everything goes by so quickly. The next thing I know, Charlie is on the floor, holding his cheek

"Yo! What the hell was that for!?" Charlie gets up. Only to be pushed down by Yuto again.

"How could you do something so dispicable!? Spreading such horrid rumours... about a girl even! Do you have no shame?" Yuto bellowed. I've never seen him so angry.

"I can do whatever I want!" Charlie snaps back," She dumped me! I have all the right to pay her back! She was my girlfriend!"

" Well, she was your girlfriend! It's too late, just let go of her!" Yuto yells," BECAUSE SHE'S MY GIRLFRIEND NOW!"

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PostSubject: Re: Be My Prince Charming?   Mon 15 Feb 2010, 5:25 pm

mwuahahahahaha .lmao
go yuto ~ that a(@%^^@Qf3 deserves that punch
keep on writing~
deli <3

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PostSubject: Re: Be My Prince Charming?   Mon 15 Feb 2010, 5:30 pm

Deli: I knowwww XD While I was writing his character, I was thinking "augh, he's such a dick" LOL XD
I actually have alot more written out, but I just wanted people to get a chance at reading it first lol XD I'll post the next chapter now XD

CHAPTER 5: Blackmail

"No way!" Yamada howls, falling over in laughter," you did not do that! The Yuto I know wouldn't do something that manly!"

"Shut up will you!? People are staring!" Yuto exclaims," are you trying to get us caught?"

"Aww... You already consider you both as 'us'" Yamada snickers.

"St-stop that!" Yuto playfully shoves Yamada. Yamada shoves him back. Soon, it becomes a little shoving battle between them until their arms tire out and they just settle on the grass of the park. The sky was so peaceful. It was so quiet and nice at the park. The sun shines bright as birds chirp and trees sway in the breeze.

"You know..." begins Yamada," I'm only teasing you because I'm jealous of you...but you probably already know that."

Yuto chuckles,"Oh please. You've been more popular with the the girls lately. You could get any girl you want in an instant."

"That's a totally different thing..." Yamada says."I want to meet a girl normaly and fall in love... not pick some random girl on the street that seems to be into me."

"I guess..." Yuto sits up, "I know! I met Hidenka-chan at the ice cream shop! I could take you again so you could find someone!"

"Stupid," Yamada gives Yuto another little shove," Thanks"

Yuto laughs, "Come on, the ice cream shop is right there" Yuto grabs Yamada's arm and drags him to the shop.


I see Yuto come into the shop and I feel my face burn a few shades darker. Yuto was smiling and dragging Yamada behind him. His face beaming with happiness and his eyes sparkling and-

"Breathe!" Sally whispers," I knew you'd end up like this after what happened."

"I can't help it!" I whisper back," I can't face him properly after what he said!"

"Just go." Sally pushes me towards Yuto and Yamada. Yuto was blushing madly as Yamada whispers into his ear.

"Not here!" I hear him say."That's way to embarassing!"

"Just do it," Yamada snickers, giving him a nudge "I'll do what you tell me next time and I'll treat you to ice cream. So go."

"Fine..." Yuto gets up, "only if you promise to do what I tell you."

"I will." Yamada smirks, "Just go"

Yuto begins walking to me. My face begins to burn...again. Why does he have to be so good looking?

"I-I'm sorry about how I acted yesterday," he stammers, "I didn't ask you before I said that."

"It's....okay" I say slowly. The only way I can keep my voice steady.

"And because of what I said, I want to ask you something" Yuto gets on his knees and looks up at me with sparkling eyes "Will you be my princess?"

I burst out laughing,"Is this like a.....a marriage proposal or something?" I giggle, ruffling his hair,"You're also very cute."

Yuto blushes,"That was actually my way of asking you to be my girlfriend. I guess Yamada turned it into a marriage proposal."

Yamada giggls in the background

"Shut up, Yama-chan."

"Fine~ I'll leave you two alone for now." Yamada leaves the shop and stares into the window, smirking.

"What a liar," Yuto chuckles. The atmosphere changes as he askes,"So...what's your answer?"

I look at the ground," Well....I do like you.... so yeah... I-I'll be your girlfriend, but because of this, we have to be careful"

"I'll be carefull" Yuto says,"will my princess be careful too?"

"I will" I giggle, "Ouji-sama."

Yuto smiles and gives me a strange look. He shuffles his feet as he looks at me and his lips begin quivering. I too, begin shuffling and shaking and he slowly puts his arms around me. I lightly press my hands to the back of his jacket, bringing him closer to me. I can tell that he's shaking and nervous. Despite that, he smiles his trademark impish smile and leans forward, pressing his lips to mine. My heart stops and my breathing quickens. His soft lips moving slowly against mine. When he pulls away, Yamada comes in, whooping. I hear Yuto shouting and Yamada laughing. I stand there, dumbfounded.

Sally comes over and gives me ice cream. A celebration, she says. We eat ice cream as the boys chase each other around the shop, only to tire and come back to eat some ice cream.

"Good thing this shop has no customers," Sally laughs,"otherwise you and Yuto's relationship would be soiled from the start."

"I thought we were here to find me a girlfriend" Yamada laughs.

"Oh no! I completely forgot!"

"What about Sally?" I laugh.


"Aw, come on, Sally."



"Stand. Bow."

I stay in the classroom, taking out the broom because I burst out the class a few weeks ago, I was stuck on cleaning duty every Friday. As I sweeped the floor, I begin singing Hey!Say!Jump songs. I get really into it and start to dance as well.

"We can dreeeeam. WE CAN DRE-"

"Shut up, you sound horrible."

I turn to see a pretty girl with long hair and a bow in her hair.

" You think you're all that don't you?" She says, crossing her arms,"Well, you're not, so stop singing okay? It'll hurt people's ears"

What she says pisses me off, "I can sing whenever I want to, and I don't care if I sound bad. Maybe you're just saying that because you're jealous."

She scoffs, "Being jealous of you? Oh please, only if I'm tone deaf. But it seems that you are."

"Do I look like I care?"

"I guess not...but..." She pulls out her cell phone,"I think you'll care about this."

"Why would I want your cell phone?"

"Because of this," she says lightly and shows me the screen. It's a picture of Yuto. AND me. In the ice cream shop. Kissing. She shuts the phone,"Now if you don't do what I say, I'll post this picture on the internet. You wouldn't want that to happen, do you?"

"Where did you get that picture?"

"I took it, where else? Now listen to me before I send this." Her finger hovered above the send button.

I sigh in defeat,"What is it you want me to do?"

She smiles,"That's more like it. What I want is you not to go near Nakajima Yuto ever again. If you do," She holds up her phone,"you'll know what will happen."


Hope you all liked it. Oh god, It took me so long to get the kiss scene right xD
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PostSubject: Re: Be My Prince Charming?   Mon 15 Feb 2010, 5:31 pm

EXTRA CHAPTER: Short and Sweet

Money? Check. Ticket? Check.
-Jump into my heart-
Outfit? Makeup? Hair? All checked.
-Jump into my heeeart~-

I turn off the radio. Who was that girl with the really high pitched voice? I shrug and set off. Arashi concert, here I come.

The concert begins with the members throwing autographed paper at the audience. I'm determined to catch one of Ohno Satoshi's autographs. I keep my eye on him thouhout the song. He didn't even throw one yet. I seee him moving his hand to the autograph and I reach out my hand. I NEED to catch this one. He throws the autograph. It sails above the crowd in my direction. I stand and stumble over a bag, some food and some random boy before I reach out and snatch it out of the air. I did it! I can hang it above my wall and worship it and brag to all my friends and-

"E-excuse me!" I hear someone yell. I turned to see a boy. 'Whoops' I think,'I thought it was a girl' It was the boy I stumbled over,"could I please have that?" He looks at me with shinning eyes. I almost faint. This boy is so cute and handsome at the same time.... His big eyes glistening and lips pulled into an adorable pout,"I really want the autograph. Could I have it, pleaaase?"

I stare into his shinning eyes and I can't say no. I regretfully give it to him and he bounces with joy.

"Ohmigod! My second one!" He squeals.

".....Second?" I couldn't help but feel dissapointed. I just gave my one-in-a-lifetime autograph signed by Ohno Satoshi himself to a rabid fanboy.

"To add to my shrine of Ohno" He smiles.

"Shrine...." He has Ohno problems.....but a darn heck of a cute smile. What are you talking about? I ask myself. He's just some random fanboy that has issues. Why is he so good looking though?

We cheer for Arashi together for the rest of the concert. Fangirling peopling about Ohno. The concert ends and people start to leave.

"I forgot to ask" I say,"what's your name?"

"Chinen" He replies,"Chinen Yuri"


"Chicken onigiri* please" I take the onigiri. I've been craving ice cream all day. I walk around. Maybe there's and ice cream shop nearby? I come across an ice cream shop after devouring the onigiri and walking for a few minutes. I step inside. The shop is nearly empty. Barely any customers. I look for a seat and I see the cute boy I saw at the Arashi concert a few months ago. What was his name again? Chinen Yuri?

"Hey! You're that rabid fanboy with a shrine of Ohno!" I say.

"Uwah....So mean" Chinen answers,"you're that nice girl who gave me the autograph. Well.... you're not nice anymore.." He pouts.

I laugh,"Sorry..... May I sit here?" I point to the seat beside him.


I sit next to him and we have a whole blown disscution about Arashi and mostly Ohno.

"May I take your order?" asks the waitress.

"Ice cream sundae" we say at the same time.

I laugh."Two ice cream sundaes then" The waitress nods and goes to the counter, giving the other waitress the order which begins to scoop the ice cream. The waitress at the counter reminds me of......a princess, strangely enough.

I continue my conversation with Chinen as the waitress gives us the ice cream with the bill.

"I'll pay" says Chinen.

"No, you don't have to do that. I'll pay"

"You gave me the autograph. It's the least I could do for you."

I sigh,"Fine..." He pays the bill and we leave the shop.

"Let's go to the park" He says, putting on a hat, and sunglasses. Which was strange, considering the weather. We walk across the street to the park and sit in the grass, continuing our disscution.

"Arashi is probably my most favourite band in Johnny's Entertainment" I say

"Oh, did I tell you I work there?"

"No way. You're lying"

"I'm serious. Why else would I be wearing all this? I'm in the band Hey!Say!Jump"

"You mean that group with ten people in it?"


"I stilll don't believe you"

"Fine. I'll sing for you to prove it"

"This'll be good" I say, crossing my legs

-Jump into me heart. Jump into my heaaaart~. Fighting for my heart, Fighting for my heeeeeeeeeart~ oooh~-

I sit there, mouth hanging. His voice is so girly...I've heard this voice before. On the radio? Then it hits me.

"Oh! You're that girl I heard on the radio with a really high pitched voice!"

He clutches the front of his shirt,"That hurts" He pouts.

I laugh,"Sorry...You're voice is really pretty though. I believe you now"

"Thanks" He blushes

'He's in Johnny's Entertainment...' I sigh, 'that's so coool.......wait a minute...'

"Yuri-kun, since your in JE, don't you know all the new singles and news about Arashi?"

"Yeah" He says, obviously proud.

"That's so great!" I take out my cell phone," let's exchange e-mails! You HAVE to tell me EVERYTHING bout Arashi! And mostly Ohno!"

"Okay! Ohno fans unite!" He exclaims.


"No way!" I exclaim

"Yes way!" he squeals back.

" Meet me at the park! You have to show me it!"

"I'm there already. I'll just wait for you okay? Bye" He hangs up.

I grab my bag and quickly fix my hair, then rush out of the house. The walk was about a fifteen minute walk, but I was sprinting as fast as I could. Consitering my lack of stamina and physical strength, I wouldn't have been able to run that fast, but though Arashi makes me run faster, I also really wanted so see Chinen, but I can't tell him that. I reach the park panting and sweating.

Chinen came over and laughed,"You wanted to hear it that badly?"

"Y-yes" I gasp.

He laughs again. "Here" ha hands me a bottle of soft drink. It was labled "Poripaki"

"What is this?" I ask.

"It's a soft drink" he replies,"you should see the commercial for this stuff, the model is one of the members from Hey!Say!Jump"

I take a sip,"It's really good"

"I know right? This stuff is flying of the racks." He takes out his music player,"So, you wanted to hear this?"

"So much!" I exclaim, taking one of the earbuds.

"This new song is called 'Kaze no Mukou e'" he grins. l listen to the song. It was really catchy....

"It's so cute" I say, bobbing my head slightly to the beat. We hear Ohno's voice and squeal together. The song ends and I laugh."It's so pretty! Can you send me the song later?"

"Sure." He smiles. Ah....what an adorable smile."want to get some ice cream while we're here?"

I nod and follow him to the ice cream shop. On the way, I stumble over a coke can on the road. I brace myself for the pain, I feel arms wrap around me, suspending me about a foot from the ground. I look up to see Chinen, with a worried face.

"Are you okay?"


He puts me down and takes my hand, leading me toward the shop.

I stutter,"W-what are you doing?"

"Keeping you from falling again" He smiles back. My heart skips a beat. His hand is so warm and soft.... My face burns. We walk into the ice cream shop and find a table. He releases my hand. I can't help but feel sad without his hand in mine.

"What do you want?" he asks,"ice cream sundae again?"

I laugh,"I always order that, don't I? I guess I'll choose something about strawberrry ice cream? The picture on the menu has actual strawberries in it"

"Sounds good" He grins,"I'll have the same thing then"

The waitress comes to take our orders. It's the girl that reminds me of a princess somehow. The waitress stares at my bottled soft drink on the table.

"Do you want it?" I ask, pointing at the drink.

"N-no thank you!" She stammers,"w-what would you like to order?"

"Two strawberry ice creams"

The waitress writes it down and scurries away. What an odd girl....

"You know...."Chinen says, looking at his feet,"I know we've only knew each other for a few months....but recently....I'm starting to feel odd when I'm around you...and my heart...." He says, clutching his chest,"it hurts...It feels strange...."

"It hurts, doesn't it... sometimes the loneliness it too quiet..." I say, lowering my eyes,"I-I have that same feeling...."

"It's a strange feeling isn't it?" He says. We spend the rest of the time there not speaking. As I walk home, I begin to think. Was he really serious? I pondered about it the whole time while walking home. I closed my front door and stomped to my bed and sat down, heaving a sigh. What's wrong with me? This is wrong....getting involved with a Johnny's boy.... but he told me how he felt..... or he could be joking.... or maybe pulling a cruel prank?

"I don't even know anymore" I whisper to myself."This is all so complicated"

The next day, it was the weekend, so I decided to go to the ice cream shop again. I sit in the seat Chinen sat in yesterday. I sigh. How I wish he was here.... I put my head on the table and closed my eyes. A few minutes later, I feel someone tap my shoulder. I look up to see Chinen. I gasp and sit up straight.

"I didn't expect to see you again today" He smiles.

I take a deep breath. I had thought alot last night. I'm ready to tell him."Yuri-kun...I've decided"

"Hey, I've decided."

"No, I decided first"

"but that's not fair!"

"Fine, what did you decide?"

"... that was your plan to make me say it first, wasn't it!?"

"..... mayyybeeee" I look away, giggling.

He smiles and takes my hand."Okay, i've decided." I blush madly.

"Okay, we've decided."

"What did you decide on?" Chinen asks.

"... Strawberry icecream?"


"KIDDING!" I laugh."You looked so dissapointed at first! You're so cute!"

He smiles again,"Then I can say this" He kisses my hand he's holding and looks at me with his brilliant, shinning eyes," I love you"

" I-I love you too" I stammer back. Trying to hold back my squeal of joy.

"Of course I know that" he grins and leans forward, brushing his lips against mine. It was short and sweet..... Like a sip of poripaki....Short and sweet...


Onigiri: Rice ball.

Oh my gosh, I found this fic really hard to write. I don't know Chinen that well so I just about winged it Razz Hope you all liked it
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PostSubject: Re: Be My Prince Charming?   Mon 15 Feb 2010, 5:32 pm

CHAPTER 6: It Hurts

The smell of ice cream.... so soothing and nice..... the sweet aroma of the fresh fruits.... how nice....

"Hey, wake up" Sally shake me awake,"don't fall asleep yet, you'll have to be awake to serve customers."

"What customers" I mumble,"They only come in the summer time"

"Customer as in Yuto" Sally drags me to my feet.

"But I can't see him anymore" I whisper to myself

"Did you say something?"

"Nevermind. Can we switch shifts again? I suddenly want to scoop ice cream."

"But don't you want to serve your boyfriend?"

"Um.... just switch with me." I say, sticking to close to the counter,"I'm hot, so I want to be near the fridges"

"Okay...." Sally says uncertainly."Are you alright? Did you two get into a fight or something? You were fine last week."

"I'm fine! We didn't get into a fight!" I exclaim. I just can't see him anymore.....

The door opens after a few minutes. A girl walks in. She's wearing a bow in her hair. It's that girl. She walks up to me and leans in close.

"I'm seeing if you were telling me the truth" She sneers and walks to the corner of the shop, waving her cellphone

I grimace. What am I going to do? I never had the time to think correctly because the door opened again and Yuto walked in, not in disguise.

'Oh shit' I think,'How am I going to avoid him?' He sits in one of the seats and Sally take his order. He gives me a confused look and gestures me to come over. I pretend I don't see it and stare and the ice cream. I keep staring until I hear footsteps toward me. Not Sally.

"Why are you here today?" Yuto asks, flashing his irresistible smile."come to my seat"

"Um....w-washroom..." I manage to stammer and I run to the washroom, locking myself inside. I lean against the door, tears overflowing. It hurts not to talk to him.....It hurts... I slide to the floor, putting me hands to my face. I pull my knees in and I sit there for what seems like forever

I hear someone knock on the door," Hidenka-chan! Are you in there? Are you okay?"

I don't reply. I can't reply. I don't know what to do... I curl to the corner of the washroom and close my eyes. Soon, I drift off to sleep....


"Hidenka-chan! Open the door!" Yuto pounds on the door. He turns to Sally,"She's not answering! Is she okay?"

"I don't know. She's never been in the washroom for this long before."

----Chizuru watches this madness from a distance. She plays with the bow in her hair. 'She's obviously not going to open the door' she thinks and walks out of the shop----

"How am I going to open the door? Sally, help me!" Yuto exclaims

"Here" Sally hand him the washroom key

"You had that all this time?!" He approaches the door."Wait" He says and runs to his bag, rummaging through. He takes out a large bandanna and runs back. He unlocks the door, and ties the bandana over his eyes.

"What are you doing?" Sally asks

Yuto blushes,"Well....she's in the washroom....and I shouldn't be looking...."

Sally laughs,"Well, good luck to you"

He smiles and blindly searches for the washroom door, he fumbles with the knob and wrenches the door open

"Hidenka-chan! I'm coming in!!!"


I hear somebody's voice. It's his voice. No....don't come close to me....she'll se"

"---enka-chan!----ere ---you?"

How soothing his voice is... I slightly open my eyes. He's searching for me with his hands, His eyes covered with a bandanna.

"Hidenka-chan! Are you in here?"

"No..." croak.

"You're here? Thank goodness" He smiles and keeps searching."Where are you?" He trips and falls on the floor near me. "Ouch" I reach out and touch his head

"Hidenka-chan? Is that you?"

"Y-y-yeah..."I say. Tears rolling down my cheeks again.

"Are you....crying?" He searches for my face and puts his hands on my cheeks."You....You are crying..."

I begin to sob and he holds be against his chest."Shhh.....stop crying now...." He coos and rocks me back and forth, humming. Eventually, I calm down and my sobs become hics.'It doesn't matter anymore' I think.'she already probably saw what happened' I look back up and Yuto. He's smiling as he hums.

I tap the bandanna on his eyes,"Why are you wearing this?"

He stops humming and blushes,"b-because you are in the washroom... and I shouldn't be looking..."

I take off the bandanna,"It's okay. I have all my clothes on. See?"

He smiles,"I can see you now..."

"Why are you so happy because of that?"

"Because...when you didn't answer me. I thought you were in danger. When I felt you, you weren't acting like yourself, which made me worried...and I was thinking.... If I ever went blind.... I'd never see your cute face again" he chuckles,"But looks don't matter. I love you for your personality. You're here and that's all that matters to me." he kisses my forehead. I blush once again. This is unbearable. It's too hard to stay away from him. I snuggle against his chest.

"Yuto-kun? Can I ask you something?"

"What is it?" he begins stroking my hair.

"If something endangers you being a Johnny's boy and it's my fault, would you be angry?"

"Oh no... What happened?"

I explain everything to him. About the girl and the blackmail...everything. I finish the story and he gives a little frown.

"That's a big problem... No wonder you tried to stay away from me"

"yeah.....but it's so hard... It hurts everytime I try to avoid you..."

He blushes,"Well... I-if I was in your place... I'd be really hard to avoid you..... I just can't stay away from you because I love you so much"

My face becomes beet red,"I-I l-love you too much too"

He smiles and kisses me. He puts his arms around me and I do the same. He pulls away and keeps his forehead on mine. I smile like an idiot and hug him. His body is so warm... I want to stay here forever....

"You guys! Hey! Get out of the bathroom!"


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Be My Prince Charming?
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